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How To Issue Genuine Brand Messages

In today’s chaotic digital climate, brands blend in like camouflage. Every year the marketing playbook is looking more identical from brand to brand with little distinction across the board. Unfortunately, this is a tell-tale sign that an overwhelming majority of businesses are issuing insincere messages and mimicking thought leadership tactics to fit in.

The awkward result is a steep decline in authentic relationships between brands and consumers. Below we discuss how your business can stand apart and stand true.

1.) Don’t outsource all of your organic social media content.

We’re not a fan of influencers for a reason. By the same token, most organic social media content should derive from an in-house marketing team or an agency that you’re close with. Nobody understands your brand better than you or your trusted agency. If you do things well, that deep understanding will translate over to others.

Remember, brands are built by passion.

2.) Less is always more.

You don’t have to run a fixed amount of ads per week, or post everyday to stay relevant. In fact, it’s always better to post when you have something real to say.

Your business is the last thing on anyone’s mind when they’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, (TikTok is for toddlers) so nobody is expecting a daily post. One or two great messages per week is perfectly adequate to stay in the game.

3.) Don’t do something just because it worked for someone else.

“It worked for them, so it will work for me,” doesn't work for anybody. Distinction drives interest. Getting inspired is one thing, but a blatant ripoff is another. You always, always, ALWAYS look lame when you copy someone else. The consumer doesn’t like lame, so don’t be lame.

If L.A.M.E were an acronym it would stand for LOSERS ALWAYS MIMICKING EVERYONE. Well, to put it politely at least. And as far as we’re concerned, the brilliant creative minds you want behind your marketing won’t jive with copying other people. But that’s a topic for another time.

4.) Do things that don’t involve social media.

Listen, social media is great for a lot of things. But get ahead of the game and think about moving past it. There are so, SO many different ways to reach people. Forward thinking agencies like Peninsula understand and embrace this.

Let’s do something cool, not something typical. Be unexpected, spontaneous, lively, interesting, artistic, different, or flat out weird. That’s how you make an impression, and marketing is the business of making impressions.

5.) Learn to be yourself.

We know “be original,” is extremely cliche, but there are truths to every cliche. Like I mentioned before, it’s pretty cringe-worthy to copy someone else.

Figure out what your business stands for first, and then create the content and messaging necessary to convey it to others. Sometimes that requires the expertise of pros like us to help you establish a brand voice, and that’s okay. But when you sound just like everyone else around you, it’s hard to stand out and make a lasting impression.

6.) Understand you’re not a jack-of-all-trades and marketing might not be your thing.

Straight up, you’re not a marketing pro, and hardly an amateur. Agencies exist for a reason. Leave your marketing and branding to the professionals. Great marketing takes time and effort; study and diligence. You can ruin your brand image with consistent and poor marketing attempts. Social media especially can become a chopping block for businesses that try to do it all. Save yourself the headache and leave it to professionals.

The takeaway:

Great marketing is honest marketing. Stay true to yourself and be genuine when you engage with your demographic. Keep every message authentic to avoid washing up on the Island Of Misfit Brands.

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