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Free advice.

Not sure who needs to hear this, but...


1) Listen more than you speak. 

It will shock you how much you'll learn. 

2) Advertising alone can't make a shitty product sell. 

Work on your product first and do it with integrity. The consumer isn't a fool. 

3) Influencer marketing is a waste of time and money.  

Focus on being original and crafting your own message. Nobody believes that you didn't pay that person to talk you up. 

4) Good ideas are not always popular ideas. 

The majority isn't always right. Learn to take a risk sometimes. 

5) Social media isn't the final frontier. 

Stop obsessing over followers and mimicking awkward trends on social media.

It never works. Adjust your marketing strategy and start the trend. 

6) 95% of meetings are a waste of time.  

Stop talking. Trust your staff and the people you hire to get stuff done without you. 

7) If you don't trust your employees, you suck at hiring.

Be discerning. If you can't attract the best of the best, then you need to reevaluate what you're doing in business. 

8) Following trends doesn't make you money.  

Setting the trend makes you rich. Following them makes you look goofy and discredits your brand. 

9) Be nice to the people that work for you. 

Don't get a big head. Odds are you're not the next Bill Gates. 

10) Don't be a start-up tool. 

Chill out on the Kombucha on tap and ping pong games. Focus on your product. 

11) Ditch the weird corporate speak. 

"Leverage" the English language and dare to be different. We'll "circle back" on this one later.

12) Acknowledge and confront a bad idea.

It's okay to start from scratch. Don't commit yourself to a bad idea because it made sense at one time. 

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